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Economic Development

FY2018 EDA-Disaster Supplemental Appropriation -
Long-Term Economic Recovery Projects

In response to the devastation left by Hurricane Harvey, the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration (EDA), Austin Regional Office, has made FY 2018 Disaster Supplemental funding available to units of local government and is accepting proposals for long-term economic recovery projects. Eligible projects include, but are not limited to:

- Projects supporting the creation of new (or retention of) businesses and jobs;

- Projects implementing local and regional job creation and growth; and economic diversification strategies targeted towards affected workers and businesses;

- Resiliency projects that increase the ability of a community or region to anticipate, withstand, and bounce back from future economic injuries and disasters;

-Construction activities, including the restoration of damaged infrastructure, infrastructure enhancement, building new infrastructure including high performance and resilient infrastructure;

- The strengthening or development of existing or emerging industry clusters;

-The Development of business incubator programs;

- Enhancing access to and use of broadband services to support job growth through business creation and expansion;

-The development of economic development diversification strategies in accordance with EDA CEDS recommendations;

-Facilitating access to private capital investment and providing related capacity building and technical assistance, such as effective utilization of capital investment for business development and job creation; or

-Facilitating and promoting market access for goods and services created and manufactured by businesses in the impacted community/region.

GCRPC, Economic Development, Response, & Recovery staff is available to provide technical assistance to eligible applicants in the development of proposals and applications for this FY 2018 Disaster Supplemental funding.

Michael Ada, Direcrtor
361-578-1587, ext 204

Hannah Crone, Program Specialist II
361-578-1587, ext 206

 Economic Developmet Response & Recovery