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Closed Landfill Project

Under the Texas Health & Safety Code, regional waste management plans prepared and maintained by the Councils of Government are required to include an inventory of closed municipal solid waste landfill units.

This inventory must include the location of such units, the current owners of the land on which the former landfill units were located, and the current use of the land.

The exact boundaries of each former landfill unit, or the best approximation of each unit's boundaries, must be inventoried, mapped and deed-recorded by the county clerk.

Where the exact boundaries of a former landfill are known, the Council of Government must also notify the owner of the land of its former use.

These records must be made available for public inspection by the County Clerk.

The Golden Crescent Regional Planning Commission has contracted with Southwest Texas State University to provide this information in the Amended Regional Solid Waste Management Plan to be submitted to Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ, formerly TNRCC) by Dr. Robert Larsen, Texas State University.

If you have any concerns over whether land you own or may want to purchase includes a site that was formerly used as a landfill, please call (361)578-1587.

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