Mission Statement
To provide safe, courteous, and reliable transportation services in a cost efficient manner.

Transportation Operations
1908 N Laurent Suite 115
Victoria, Texas 77901

Phone: 361-578-8775
Fax: 361-580-3206

Administrative Offices
1908 N Laurent Suite 600
Victoria, Texas 77901

Phone: 361-578-1587
Fax: 361-578-8865


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To schedule a ride or to learn about services please call 361-578-8775

Notice for Fixed Route Gold Line Customers:

Due to Heavy Traffic during 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm while School is in Session we will be unable to pick up any passengers at Bus Stop #12 Leary Lane @ Dean Cook, and Bus Stop #13 Learly Lane @ HHSC. For that One-Hour only we will be deviating to Mockingbird Lane and pick up at Bus Stop #11 Mockingbird @ Stonebrook Apts., and Bus Stop 12 Mockingbird Lane @ Faith Family.

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Regional Coordination Transportation Plan 2017-2021

The ability to travel, to get to work, to friends, to stores, and to health care is vital to the well being of all Texans.  In a region as expansive as the Golden Crescent, access to transportation is particularly important.  The Golden Crescent Regional Planning Commission (GCRPC) has been committed to providing transportation services since November 1986.  GCRPC is currently a multiple provider of transportation services, which serve the general public, elderly, and persons with disabilities.  GCRPC is one of many transit contractors in the State of Texas who provide public transportation services under contract through the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDoT), and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

Rural public transportation services called RTRANSIT is provided in the following counties Calhoun, DeWitt, Goliad, Gonzales, Jackson, Lavaca, Matagorda, and Victoria.  Within the City of Victoria GCRPC operates a small-urban system called VICTORIA TRANSIT.   

Travel Training

What is Bus Travel Training?

It's free, one-on-one training for people who want to learn to use our bus system.

What are the Benefits?

Traveling by bus:

- Increase Independence
- Supports an active lifestyle
- Reduces traffic congestion
- Helps protect the environment
- Provides greater access to your community

Who is Eligible?

Anyone, any age and ability.

What is the Process?

Training begins with one-on-one instructor assistance. Step by step, you will learn how to get where you need to go independently using transit.

What Does the Training Include?

We tailor the program to your needs and help you learn how to:

- Plan your trip
- Ride specific routes
- Read and understand route maps and schedules
- Get to and from your bus stop
- Recognize bus numbers, bus stops, and landmarks
- Pay fares and purchase passes
- Get on and off the bus safely
- Use the lift to board with a mobility device
- Position your mobility device in the bus
- Locate and transfer to other buses
- Get service information

For more information contact 578-8775 ext. 206
Contact Information
Transportation Operations 

361-578-8775 or 361-580-3206 fax
1908 N Laurent Suite 115
Victoria, Texas 77901

Administrative Office 

1908 N Laurent Suite 600
Victoria, Texas 77901

Lisa Cortinas, Director of Transportation Services
361-578-1587 ext. 207 / fax 361-578-8865

There are many reasons why you should try Transit.
  • Have the freedom to go where you want to go.  
  • Save money by cutting down on gasoline and other car related expenses.  
  • Find a job, visit a friend, buy groceries, and get to the library.    
  • Transit helps you accomplish what is important to you.    
  • Eliminates the stress of driving by relaxing in a Transit bus.    
  • Ease congestion for everyone by taking drivers off the road.    
  • Use a reliable, inexpensive and efficient transportation system to get where you
  • need to be.    
  • Reduce wear and tear on roads and lower transportation costs for both drivers and
  • transit users.    
  • Attract employers and customers to your business by supporting Transit.    
  • Help reduce air pollution by reducing the number of cars on the road.

Find the service that’s right for you!