Para Transit Services
 **ADA Paratransit Eligibility Certification Form **
** ADA Complementary Paratransit Service Guide **

VICTORIA TRANSIT provides Para Transit Services Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm for qualified individuals with mobility impairments who are unable to use Fixed Route Service.   Our Para Transit Service is a demand-responsive, advance reservation, shared-ride, address-to-address, curb-to-curb service.  Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available to assist in transporting persons with disabilities.

An ADA Para Transit Eligibility Certification Form will be used to determine your eligibility for Victoria Transit’s Para Transit Service.  The information is confidential and only shared with agencies involved with Victoria Transits eligibility determination process, and will not be provided to any other person or agency except as provided by the Texas Opens Records Act.  The application processing time is approximately two weeks, and individuals are presumed eligible for Para Transit Service until written notification is received by mail.  Re-Certification for Para Transit Service is conduced on an annual basis.

El Servicio del Transito Autobus Para Incapacitados

Para-transito esta disponible para incapacitados individuos calidicados con deterioros de movilidad que son incapaces de utilizar el Servicio Fiho de la Ruta. El Servicio del parr-transito es un limita a limita, la reservacion anticipada, la respuesta de la demanda, el servicio del compartido-paseo.

Una Forma de la Certificacion de la Elegibilidad del Parr-Transito de ADA seutilizara para determinar su elegibilidad  para el Servicio de Parr-Transito de Victoria. La informacion proporcionada es confidencial y solo compartida con agencies implicada con el proceso de la determinacion de la elegibilidad de transitos de Victoria y no sera proporcionado a cualquier otra persona ni la agencia si no como proporcionado por el Tejas Abre el Acto de Registros. El tiempo del procesamiento de la aplicacion es aproximadamente dos semanas y individuos son presumidos elegibles para el Servicio de Parr-Transito hasta que la notificacion escrita sido recibida por el correo. La re-ertificacion para el Servicio de Parr-Transito se conduce anualmente.

Helpful Tips When Calling
  • Have pencil and paper ready
  • Be ready to tell the Operator
    • Where our driver should pick you up: Give a complete physical address.
    • Where are you going: Name of Business and its complete physical address?
    • The Time you would like to get there.
    • Don’t forget to request your return trip.
    • Additional approved passengers (Escorts and/or Attendants)

Be prepared to have an alternate time to conduct your business in case we are unable to meet your requested time.

One day advance notice is needed.
Please call 361-578-8775 to schedule your trip.

Fare Schedule

*One-Way Fares / Pasaje Una Via - $1.50


All enrolled passengers / todos los pasajeros inscritos

 *Para-Transit Services for individuals who, due to disability, are unable to use the Fixed Route System. Individuals must meet eligibility criteria.  Call Victoria Transit at (361) 578-8775 for any questions.

Section223 of the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) requires that public entities, which operate non-commuter fixed route transportation services, also provide complementary (similar) Para-transit service for individuals unable to use the fixed route system.

 *Los Servicios de Para-Transito son para  individuos que, debido a la incapacidad, es incapaz utilizar el Sistema Fijo de la Ruta, los individuos deben encontrar los criterios de la elegibilidad. Llame Victoria Transito en  (361) 578-8775 para cualquiera pregunta.

La Seccion 223 del Americanos con el Acto de Incapacidades de 1990 (ADA) requieren que las entidades publicas que operan a en-viajero los servicios fijos del transporte de la ruta proporcionan tambien el servicio complementario (semejante) de Para-Transito para individuos incapaces de utilizar el sistema fijo de la ruta.

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