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Passenger Policies

It is the policy and intention of GCRPC Transportation Programs to provide transportation service to the public, which is free from conduct detrimental to order and the safety and rights of each passenger of our transit system.

GCRPC Transportation Programs will in the event of any violation of its policies or rules enforce the following as appropriate:

  •     Removal of passenger  
  •     Denial of Service
  •     Criminal Prosecution
Passengers riding in a GCRPC Transportation Program vehicle should by their behavior, observe the following rules, prohibitions, and procedures.
  • Disorderly Conduct:  No person shall commit any act or engage in any conduct constituting disorderly conduct in a vehicle
  • Drugs:  No person shall possess or use any narcotics or drugs; offer to another person any narcotics or drugs; or possess any drug paraphernalia in a vehicle
  • Food and Beverages:  No food or beverages will be consumed on the vehicles, except for those passengers who require food or beverages due to health conditions.
  • Intoxication:  No person shall enter or remain in a vehicle if such person is intoxicated
  • Shirts and Shoes:  No person shall enter or remain in a vehicle without a shirt or without clothing that covers the upper portion of the body.  No person shall enter or remain in a vehicle without shoes or sandals on both feet.
  • Smoking:  No person shall smoke in a vehicle.
  • Spitting:  No person shall spit in or upon any vehicle.

Complaint/Grievance Procedures

Any passenger wishing to file a complaint can do so by writing to:

            Golden Crescent Regional Planning Commission - Victoria Transit
            Attn:  Risk Manager           
            1908 N Laurent
            Victoria, Texas 77904

Or by calling (361) 578-8775

Any and all complaints received will be kept confidential and will be handled in a professional manner.  The complainant will be notified verbally or in writing of the investigation and resolution of the complaint.

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